The mission continues, along with the resolve to insure that the non-corporate and non-governmental citizens of Fort Collins and the surrounding areas can enjoy free speech without encumbrances, and without the implied threat of identification and possible retaliation in the workplace for viewpoints that don't follow those of the flock. It should be an individual poster's choice whether they identify themselves or not, and on this site, such is your choice.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan's actions confirms my resolve in fighting for the American way, a way wherein one can speak in a crowd without fear, and wherein one may also be shouted down without penalty if such is merited. What the Coloradoan has done is make free speech dangerous to your personal safety and wellbeing, thereby squelching it.

Got Baaa? Not here…devil


Fortune of the Day

Don't worry about it, because God loves you!
Don't worry about not being one of the beautiful people

  because God thinks you are beautiful!



The Destruction of a Medically Disabled Man in Fort Collins

My eyes don't work well, and I can't figure out how to post this without it being The World's Longest Single Paragraph, so ... with apologies ... I'm hoping it's okay to just post this link:

Site Meister Says: I asked the Spirit, and was told to help this man out. So following is the whole story verbatim as written by Neil. It's a very interesting story on the  continued  corruption and fraudulent judgment in our local community… Bear with the writer, as it's a long story, but well worth pursuing to its completion. Also, please become familiar with Proverbs 11:1 and 20:23, as the Lord detests dishonest scales (as in scales of justice). I pray that the Lord keeps us from becoming tools of Satan through complacency, compromise, or lack of caring.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

In my sleep, I still see all the handguns pointed at me, the flash of light from the snipers scope, and the tank.
My wife and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, in October 2008. 
Having visited the town on several occasions, we fell in love with the lifestyle that defines Fort Collins: rather small-town hospitality and pace, with most of the city amenities, weather that works for our favorite activities, a host of outdoor options, and relatively affordable housing.

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Four Cups Series - The Cup of Deliverance

This is Part Three of the series, and are notes taken from the sermon given by Pastor Jonathan Wiggins on Saturday, July 5, 2014.

► Exodus 6:6-7 contains the four promises.
► “Deliverance”: I have issues…
► We need to connect with new believers to help them move forward. We need Godly friends to help pull us out of our holes filled with muddy water…
► We need to be nice to our fellow parishioners. Don't let visitors think that they are invisible. So turn on your welcome…
► Small groups connect, protect and grow. (See Rez's small groups)
► Read in the Bible about the proper use of the gifts of the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 14:1-39.

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You should worry about Randy Jensen because fraud makers create fodder for themselves...

Paraphrased & edited from an email I received (Please readers read and pray  Proverbs 31:8-9 because we live in false and dark times):
Randy Jensen has a 2½ day trial beginning tomorrow at 11:00am in Judge Berenato's court, 5D

Randy has been sitting in LCDC way too long for these BULLSHIT charges – he had a public defender who told him it was ok to communicate with the mother of his twin babies. He wrote her letters and called her from the jail, whence three different deputies reported him for violating a restraining order that he thought had been lifted. Every time he turns around they add charges and jail time. Randy has a new PD, the old one will be called as a witness. New one, as related by confidential sources, is not a ball of fire.

There is no need for a restraining order, the mother was never a victim. It was an automatic one and seems to remain despite the babies' mother's letters and in-court pleas to drop the restraining order. Seems the grandma is driving it – 

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Four Cups Series - The Cup of Salvation

This is Part Two of the series, and are notes taken from the sermon given by Pastor Jonathan Wiggins on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

I see Jesus in you!
► Deliverance is getting the bondage of sin out of you. We are delivered from that kind of thinking…
► Jesus came for the sick, not for the healthy…
► Heaven rejoices over one saved sinner!
► Reach out to people so that the Church on weekends isn't about you anymore.
► God is a father, that is why the lost ones are so important.
► It's all of our jobs to relay the message of Christ. The pastor 

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Four Cups Series

This is a sermon series done by Pastor Jonathan Wiggins, Senior Pastor of Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, Colorado on the four cups of the Seder meal and their significance. BTW, Rez is an awesome place to worship, with the Holy Spirit filling the place on service nights, especially Saturday evenings. For those that worry about these things, it would be classified as a Charismatic Church.

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Moving Some Stuff Over...

In case you notice some content missing or links not working, please be sure to check I've decided to move some personal stuff to the vanity site to flesh it out, and to exclusively focus on spiritual and activism content on this site. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience in advance, and thanks for your readership!

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Shame on the Coloradoan for their reporting on the Dyers...

Here's another example of the Coloradoan going on the offensive to insure that somebody is tried in the press, and that a fair trial is impossible in this corrupt county. The Coloradoan and it's staff should be ashamed of the way they have reported on the Dyers! They should resign en masse or be fired, because what they have done is akin to burning a cross in the Dyers' front yard. They should be sued for libel at minimum for publishing unsubstantiated allegations and for not properly following up on their leads.

Lets look at one example… "I didn't even know they ever had a daughter," said Louisa Lombardo, 32. Lombardo has lived with her husband and two children in the 100 block of East Trilby Road since January. Though they moved in two months after a 7-year-old girl was removed from Douglas and Leah Dyer's custody next door, Lombardo said she was still taken aback. …Why even post that nonsense? If the lady and her family moved in two months after the child was taken, WHY WOULD SHE KNOW? Is she taken aback by her own ignorance? Has she attempted to meet the neighbors? Has she ever gone through the trauma of getting a child ripped out of the home by CPS? PLEASE…

What bearing do the statements 

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The Corruption That Keeps On Giving!

I told y'all that your placing me on this nonsense would get me back into activism. Well it seems that judicial corruption in our county is still injuring people like a sick disease. Here's the latest on a case of corruption in Larimer County that WILL NOT GO AWAY! I didn't compose the following, but if somebody has to be on point, it might as well be me, in Jesus' name! My first post on this case was in January 2010. Aren't you done injuring this woman yet? You want to put this in a perspective that you can understand? WatchThe Changeling”…

Hello to all of you!

I am sending some motions to you that Stacy filed last week.  Just so you understand,  I am sending these "for the record" more than for your perusal or comments.  Some of you might wonder why we do this.  Something happened this week that can illustrate exactly why…

Many months ago Stacy's case against Amy Antommaria was sent to Weld County .  The Judge in Weld County sent an order to Larimer County indicating that Stacy's civil lawsuit against Amy Antommaria  (13 CV 106 - Lynne v Antommaria) was executed properly in Larimer County, that it was a viable, legitimate lawsuit,  and that the 8th Judicial District needed to hear it there.

Last week when Stacy went to the Justice Center the order was not in the file.  The Clerk informed her it did not exist,  not that something was missing...  Yet the case,   

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Four Cups Series - The Story

This sermon note is from Part 1 of the series, as taken down from a sermon given by Pastor Jonathan Wiggins Saturday, June 21, 2014.

► Taste everything God has for you.
► Prophets can be a very irritating bunch of guys.
► You're special because God loves you but you're not special. So let the air out of your head.
► We should be and remain 

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Scandalous Love Series

► Learn how to work outside your comfort zone.
► God keeps loving even when we don't love back…
► Love covers a multitude of sins.
► One doesn't make real friends with just money.
► Turn towards the Lord and he'll meet you right there.
► Every time you slam the door in God's face, he